SHEAR7 v4.9b Has Been Released

SHEAR7 v4.9b – released in April 2016.

SHEAR7 v4.9b contains a number of important enhancements and bug fixes to the existing SHEAR7 program:

  • The definition of Uhave been revised based on updated research findings. Uf is defined as RMS of the current speed in the power-in region for the excited mode.
  • Refinement of the convergence criteria applied to the beta iterations
  • SHEAR7 now supports the three Windows versions; Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
  • SHEAR7 is now compiled as a 64 bit program to improve memory allocation and overall performance

If you would like more information on this release, please see the Development Path page or you can contact the SHEAR7 Team.