Shear7 Technology

SHEAR7 is the offshore industry’s leading software tool for the prediction of Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) with close to twenty years of industry use and continuous development. The program’s forte is the VIV response prediction of offshore structures subjected to spatially varying currents; realistic of ocean environments. The program enables users to estimate structural responses, drag force amplification factors and predict fatigue damage. SHEAR7 couples to other offshore system modelling tools such as Orcaflex and Flexcom enabling VIV assessment through the front end of these packages. It is simple and fast to run with all the results summarized in a convenient standard output file.

SHEAR7 is used throughout the world by engineers in Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Spain, UK and USA.


SHEAR7 can be used to estimate the fatigue damage rate and the drag amplification due to VIV for the following applications:

  • Top Tensioned Risers
  • Drilling Risers
  • Suspended drill pipe
  • Steel Catenary Risers
  • Unbonded Flexible Risers
  • Cables, such as towed arrays
  • In-line VIV assessment of Pipelines, such as near bottom and freespans
  • Rigid tubulars such as caissons suspended from platforms or vessels
  • Jumpers (rigid and flexible), on-bottom or in the water column
  • Applications with VIV suppression such as helical strakes and weather vaning fairings
  • Can be used with offshore modelling tools to assess global shape changes due to VIV drag amplification
  • Can assess riser interference effects with other offshore modelling tools

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