SHEAR7 is a mode superposition Program, it evaluates which modes that are likely to be excited by vortex shedding and estimates the steady state, cross-flow, VIV response in uniform or sheared flows. It’s capable of evaluating in multi-mode, non lock-in response including single mode lock-in response. The Program evaluates natural frequencies and mode shapes of cables and beams with linear varying or slow varying tension with a variety of boundary conditions, including cantilevers and free hanging risers. It is also capable of evaluating the natural frequencies, mode shapes and VIV response of horizontal centenary cables which uses an approximate structural model for inclined centenary cables.
The current version is SHEAR7 v4.11, released in July 2021.

This Program runs under a command-line interpreter on a PC (compiled with Intel Fortran). It uses an ASCII text file for input, allowing batch runs through the use of execution line parameters. It runs on the current versions of Microsoft Windows. The package provided to licensees includes; an executable Program, a User’s Guide and a set of examples for various risers and currents. Basic support in debugging the Program and getting it running is provided as part of the package. 

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