SHEAR7 can be used to estimate the fatigue damage rate and the drag amplification due to VIV for the following applications:

•    Top Tensioned Risers
•    Drilling Risers
•    Suspended drill pipe
•    Steel Catenary Risers
•    Unbonded Flexible Risers
•    Cables, such as towed arrays 
•    In-line VIV assessment of Pipelines, such as near bottom and freespans
•    Rigid tubulars such as caissons suspended from platforms or vessels
•    Jumpers (rigid and flexible), on-bottom or in the water column
•    Applications with VIV suppression such as helical strakes and weather vaning fairings 
•    Can be used with offshore modelling tools to assess global shape changes due to VIV drag amplification
•    Can assess riser interference effects with other offshore modelling tools

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