SHEAR7 v4.8a has been released

SHEAR7 v4.8a was released in October 2014. 

SHEAR7 Version 4.8a contains a number of important enhancements to the existing SHEAR7 program:

  • Theoretical improvements including, new solution method for the lift and damping, a new hydrodynamic damping coefficient, selection of ID / OD for fatigue calculation and implementation of the universal c* damping parameter
  • Improved I/O data handling of error messages and output file formatting
  • Refactoring of the major parts of the source code carried out for improved readability, maintainability and simulation time
  • Regression test suite expanded both in breadth and quantity
  • Bug tracking and resolution features resolved
  • Example files increased to include Jumper VIV load cases
  • Added version control on input files

If you would like more information on this release please contact the SHEAR7 Team