SHEAR7 is distributed by AMOG Consulting.

For clients who prefer to subcontract part or all of their analysis work, including third party verification, AMOG offers a consultancy service.

Services can range from initial setup of project problem, complete system analysis with reports, riser CVA verification, third party verification including spot checks, VIV suppression optimisation and guidance on VIV integrity monitoring strategy.

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Consulting Services

For clients who prefer to subcontract part or all of their analysis work, including third party verification, AMOG offers a consultancy service.

AMOG offers the following consulting services:

  • Full system dynamic riser and VIV analysis
  • Verification dynamic riser and VIV analysis in accordance with API RP 2RD
  • Drilling riser analysis or verification analysis
  • Rigid jumper/spool analysis or verification analysis
  • Production riser (TTR, SCR, lazy wave) dynamic and VIV analysis
  • Unbonded flexible riser dynamic analysis
  • Umbilical dynamic and VIV analysis
  • Optimisation of VIV supression
  • review of model test data for VIV applications
  • Model test supervision services
  • Guidance on VIV monitoring strategy
  • Conversion of 3rd party structural model outputs into SHEAR7 structural model inputs
  • Mooring rope (steel wire and polyester) VIV analysis

AMOG is a leading global solutions provider to the energy, resources, defence, rail and maritime construction industries.

We combine the expertise of qualified, practised and forward-thinking engineers with the power of our international network.

We solve complex, challenging engineering problems.

We develop solutions by intimately understanding the breadth and depth of each issue; applying science, technology and clever thinking; conducting modelling, simulation and testing; and utilising our experience to get it right the first time. We deliver our industry-leading scientific and engineering know-how to projects of any scale.

Our clients trust in our cutting edge solutions to help them operate more effectively, safely and profitably.

That’s how we add outstanding value.

Training on SHEAR7 software is available for licensed members of the SHEAR7 User Group. It is designed to cater for those who are new to VIV analysis and SHEAR7 software, as well as anyone who is looking to update or refresh their skills.

The SHEAR7 2-day interactive training courses are usually scheduled to run after the User Group Meetings in Houston, Texas (USA) each year, though additional courses have also been run in the UK and in India.

The training courses deliver:

  • An introduction to the fundamentals of VIV
  • The latest design practices and challenges
  • Latest VIV research findings
  • SHEAR7 interactive training*
  • Updates and new features of SHEAR7 software

The SHEAR7 Training Course is 14 Professional Development Hours (TBPE) and attendees also receive a handbook with copies of the presentations delivered over the two-day period.

If you are a licensed SHEAR7 JIP Member or a licensed member of the SHEAR7 User Group, and would like to register your interest in SHEAR7 training, please contact the SHEAR7 team for more information and an enrolment form.

Members of the SHEAR7 User Group are provided with:

  • Free Upgrades to the program
  • Technical support
  • Attendance (in person or via Videoconference) at the Annual User Group Meeting in Houston

The SHEAR7 User Group Meeting (UGM) is traditionally held in March each year, at the Norris Conference Centre Houston City Centre in Houston, TX, USA.  

Details of past and upcoming User Group Meetings (UGM) are emailed directly to members. If you are a current SHEAR7 JIP Member or a current SHEAR7 User Group Member and would like more information, please contact us.

770 South Post Oak Lane, Suite 310, Houston Texas 77056, United States.