SHEAR7 V4.11

SHEAR7 v4.11 includes theoretical improvements, processing enhancements and bug fixes to improve various aspects of the SHEAR7 software, and is now available for download. Some of the highlights of this new version include:

  • Addition of a Varying Structure Damping “Stick-Slip” module for BETA testing
  • Distributed amplitude iterations for more accurate hydrodynamic lift and damping (previously known as “Beta Iterations”)
  • Optional stress time history output file

The v4.11 Academic License contains all changes above, including the new Varying Structural Damping “Stick-Slip” module for BETA testing, and is subject to the restrictions detailed in the v4.11 User Guide.

For more information on the SHEAR7 version release or academic licensing, please see the Development Path page, refer to the v4.11 User Guide, or contact the SHEAR7 Management Team directly.

To DownloadIf your license is current, you should have received an email with passwords and instructions on downloading this latest version. If you believe your license is up to date and you have nor received this information or would like more information on SHEAR7, please contact us.