The SHEAR7 2013 UGM will be held on the 5th March in Houtson, TX, USA for all JIP Members and User Group Members.

JIP Members are invited to attend a brief meeting before the full JIP and User Group UGM.

Presentations and topics for discussion will include a research update, recap of new features, future development plans and enhanced features, as well as a User Modelling example case study demonstration on rigid seabed jumpers.

Please RSVP before 28th February.

If you would like more information, please contact SHEAR7 via our website.

March 2013 Training – Bookings now open

MiT and AMOG are pleased to announce that we have confirmed the next Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) and SHEAR7 2-day interactive course in Houston, TX, U.S.A. on the 6th-7th March 2013.

The course is designed to be both an introduction to the subject matter as well as cover the latest design practices and challenges to refresh your skills.

Please note that places are strictly limited.

To request a copy of the course flyer (including location details and costs) and a registration form, please contact SHEAR7.

SHEAR7 Version 4.7 will launch September 15th 2012

AMOG is pleased to announce SHEAR7 Version 4.7 will be launched on 15th September 2012.

The upcoming Version 4.7 includes the following new functions and enhancements:

  1.  Pure in-line VIV analysis for rigid seabed spools and jumpers, pipelines and umbilical spans
  2.  A new optional bending stress-curvature loading factor
  3. Improved umbilical and unbonded flexible riser VIV fatigue calculations
  4. Fatigue calculations for individual components in the structure
  5. Stress output file for each mode’s stress response
  6. A new optional zero-crossing fatigue calculation
  7. Optional use of unique structural file naming for importing.
  8. Improved error messaging.

SHEAR7 Version 4.7 will be distributed automatically to all current SHEAR7 User Group Members and SHEAR7 JIP members.

If you have any questions about SHEAR7 Version 4.7 or you are not currently using SHEAR7 but would like more information, please contact us.