SHEAR7 v4.7c – released

SHEAR7 v4.7c, a minor upgrade, has just been released with some new features and warning updates. We recommend all users upgrade to SHEAR7 v4.7c as soon as possible.

New feature 1
SHEAR7 v4.7c is also distributed with a regression test suite as part of our new focus on QA/QC. There are 164 test cases supplied. Users now have the option of confirming that their installation is successful and the operating system they are using produces the same results as the reference output. Instructions on how to run the regression test suite are provided in a readme in the regression test directory as part of the installation.

New feature 2
When running the program with the first mode inline excitation flag, the preliminary power estimation now uses A/D=0.15, and provides a more realistic estimate of the modal power at preliminary power calculation stage. The final power calculation is left uncharged.

Warning Updates
In some instances the program predicted negative power in for a mode, and the program stopped but didn’t provide the user with any information as to the results of the case. A new warning has now been added.

Bug Fixes
A bug on assigning segment properties has now been fixed. The bug occurred when segments were defined across zone boundaries. The bug was not present when segment and zone boundaries were coincident. This bug was not believed to effect users that created SHEAR7 files from Orcaflex or Flexcom.

The node at x/L=1.0 can report a zero damage value. This has now been fixed, such that if there is non-zero modal curvature at x/L=1.0 then there will be non-zero damage.

If your license is current you should have received an email with passwords and instructions on downloading this latest version. If you believe your license is up to date and you have not received this information or would like more information on SHEAR7 please contact SHEAR7.